For the love of photography

Have you ever wanted to relive your childhood, when you played in the snow all day and retreated to the warmth for a glass of hot chocolate? My brother and sister relived my childhood for me.

We’re from Ohio, so excuse my brother’s Ohio State hat, and over winter break we received about a foot of snow, which was optimal for winter fun.

The kids made snow angels, went sledding, built a snow fort and tried to build a snowman. They also tried to start a snowball fight with me while I was capturing their good times. So the next time you want to play in the snow, just act like a kid and have fun.

Now, on to the subject of photography. Have you ever had a hobby that you wanted to make a career? I sure did, and it was photography.

Back in high school, I said I wanted to be a photographer because I took good photos with my point and shoot camera. So I saved up money to buy what is now my equipment, my Nikon D80. I know what you’re thinking: She can’t be a photographer, she just had a point and shoot; that’s not the case.

All throughout high school I took photography courses, both film & digital, and let me tell you, I sucked at the beginning. You only learn from practice, and once I bought the D80, I learned all the manual settings, photography lingo and everything you needed to know to capture the perfect image.

Then senior year of high school I took AP photography and got college credit. Carrying into college, I still took lots of photos, but focused more on concerts (“shows” as I like to call them), which incorporates my two passions: photography and music. I now focus on show photography along with portraits. My love for photography helped me get my job at The Torch and other paid photo shoots with artists. I couldn’t imagine my life without photography.