Apathy U

Home of the fighting “Whatevers”

This will be the third opinion article about this topic, which generally proves to show that if it gets no response, it’s not something our readers care about.

So, why, out of all of the other things happening on campus and in the world, would I beat a dead horse and have a third article about apathy published?

Probably because it’s about apathy and the lack of response just shows how accurate I have been in the past publishing articles about the lack of support and carelessness exhibited by Ferris students and, to an extent, faculty and staff. We need to care.

On one hand, I have met and conversed with quite a few people here who actually care about their work and the world around them. However, it seems by far and large that for the most part, no one gives a flying fig what happens to them here.

Case in point: The article I wrote about hipsters drew more attention than the article(s) I wrote about child slavery. (See Words At War, “Poor excuse to be poor” March 6, 2013, and “Willy Wonka’s slave use” Sept. 26, 2012 and “I support slavery daily” Sept. 19, 2012.)

As a writer, I’ve received more comments and complaints about things that have residually no effect whatsoever on the world around us. It seems Ferris (students especially) has little care for what goes on in the world other than themselves.

I’ve been wanting to write about the effects of the sequester, the drone conflicts, gun control issues, poverty and world hunger, but why would I do something like that when it seems no one cares? People care more about how they look than they care about the fact that as many as 21,000 children die every day from preventable causes.

I get it; thinking about someone else means you actually have to care. I’m sorry if that’s just too much to ask of this campus’ students.

Let’s face it; we go to Apathy University, home of the fighting “Whatevers.” People only care when it personally affects them; damn the rest of the thousands of students and staff that are here at Ferris.

People would rather complain about the lack of salt on the sidewalks than actually find out who controls the funds and how to fix it. Social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter make it easier than ever for us to complain, yet it does nothing in the way of action.

If you want something changed, you’ve got to do it yourself. Complaining about it won’t solve it.

  • Guelettis

    Woohoo! Go slacktavism!

    Nice topic, Jax. Of course, what would I know? I’m a horrible villain who bullies the poor wittle writers…

    I find it lovely and ironic that The Torch has an “I don’t care” option on the poll this time. As usual.

    EDIT: Sorry, Jax. I’m afraid you are clearly mistaken. According to the Sean Chipman article “Ferris Leaders in Social Activism,” 35 students out of an approximated 10,000 care! So .0035% of FSU kind of cares about things sometimes. Although, it’s really .0033, since 2 people left. This clearly ruins your entire article. At least, I hope so. I like to rain on parades.

  • Joe

    ‘Complaining about it won’t solve it.’ And yet, here you are complaining…

    • Angie Jancerk

      Actually, since this is published it’s a form of activism. Sure, it’s a complaint, but so is any protest.

  • dhdgfhdrth

    Fair-trade coffee is a scam. inb4 Cracked isn’t a reliable source, check the citations within the article and tell me what you disagree with. Occupy Wallstreet is a perfect example of a recent college student protest. It’s pretty apparent that news organizations, reporters, etc. don’t take college students seriously. Obviously there are going to be some stupid people in the group, but they made the entire thing look like a joke. We have learned helplessness. We’ve gone our entire lives being told what we can and can’t do, without being allowed to give any input of our own.

    Before you go and complain that no one is commenting on your articles, why don’t you take a step back. You offered no advice on what we were supposed to do or what you are doing to prevent the slave labor with cocoa bean farmers. You summarized a CNN report and now you are assuming that no one cares because no one commented on it. If anyone was interested, they probably googled the source (which you didn’t even provide a link to) or tried to click on the link in the article (which is dead).


    • Angie Jancerk

      Cracked.com is a satirical site and not reliable news, hence why it will never be cited as such. Cracked journalism is about as prestigious as The Onion. Its for entertainment purposes only. Opinion editorials can be for both entertainment and education, or one, or the other.

      I think you missed the point of this completely. Occupy anything at Ferris will never happen because I happen to agree with the author- you kids are too stupid and lazy to do anything.

      The author isn’t complaining about lack of comments. I think he’s complaining about the lack of anyone willing to take action in the Ferris community. Again, I agree. When I attended there was a Free Tibet group on campus, and a host of other activist groups. The way he paints it, it’s as though no one at Ferris would even know what Free Tibet means.

      I feel sorry for you, Jax, if that is the case. It gets better once you get out of that h%*l-hole called Big Rapids.

  • Speaking Out

    I’m interested in what you think should be done. What dialogue would you start? What actions would you suggest? Would this just be something Ferris Students would do or would this be a school wide “get rid of apathy” movement? I don’t disagree with you. I have seen more apathetic students and faculty here than I have seen at any other University. You have a pulpit, what is your suggested plan to fix what you see?