Energy crisis

It may be from education or just a passion I have to be sustainable, but I am worried about where our nation is heading in regards to energy.

Over break I traveled to Tennessee and along the way, I saw the roller coaster of gas prices. The prices did not deter people from traveling though. This is an energy source most of us use on a daily basis, and it is polluting our air. Technology is improving and more vehicles are going electric or improving their miles per gallon.

During my travels I also saw fields upon fields filled with wind turbines. I was so excited to see that more and more wind turbines are being installed. I know some think these are more of a negative impact than positive, but why not use the wind? Wind is free, after all, and will always be here.

The space taken up by the turbines is smaller than the oil rigs we have that are drilling a non renewable resource. Wind is renewable along with solar energy.

As a nation and world we need to become smarter with our energy sources. Over time, the cost to install solar panels and wind turbines have decreased to become more affordable and give a better return on investment.

It will take time for people to adjust to this change, but something needs to be done to save the environment.

In many of my courses, topics include energy, so I am aware of the costs and what is available. I strive to recycle and reduce waste and use as little energy as possible. It is hard to change and overcome what we have become accustomed to.

Instead of driving to work, I choose to walk as much as possible. We are the ones who can make this change to reduce our carbon footprint. I think we all want to be able to stay on Earth and give our children the opportunity to one day follow in our footsteps in a cleaner world.

Take the time to do your own research and save the environment you live in. The wind turbines may not be aesthetically pleasing, but it is no different than a power line or building taking up space. It is quite simple: Reduce, reuse and recycle.