Torch budget crisis continues

As students were enjoying the last few days of summer, The Torch staff was hard at work putting together the first issue of the year.

Reporters, editors, photographers, advertising and production staff tirelessly worked to ensure the newspaper would be ready for the return of the Ferris community. This first issue is our way of saying “Welcome back!” as we, The Torch, and you, its readers, embark on yet another year together.

Because you, the readers, are as critical to the newspaper as any staff member (if not more), it’s important I update you on The Torch’s continuing budget issues. Employee wages and other operating costs are still under scrutiny, despite promises that funding was secured.

One solution for these seemingly ever-present budget issues, presented in a meeting Aug. 19 with Dean Rick Kurtz and other College of Arts and Sciences administrators, was to produce a smaller paper.

Yes, you heard me right. The Torch has been asked to potentially sacrifice quality in order to save money.

However, know that The Torch will continue to fight to provide this university’s community with the paper it deserves. Our responsibility is not to boardrooms or budgets – our responsibility is to you, the readers.

Unfortunately, Torch funds are controlled by individuals who do not seem to understand this responsibility and who believe the quality of the newspaper may need to take a backseat to the budget.