More music, please

Ferris students share opinions on what events they want on campus

The school year has begun with as many events as any before, buoyed by the Hispanic Student Organizations events and an early Homecoming. From comedians to relationship experts, Ferris and various student organizations have sought both to educate and entertain. When planning these events, it’s important to know what students will go see. The Torch cut out the middle man and asked the students just what events they’d like to see on their campus – and they want music.

Jessica Ray, Freshman, Nursing

“I would love to see someone like Kid Cudi or Wiz Khalifa in concert here at Ferris. I think they are such inspirational artists, and it’d be one big party on campus.”

Venkata Kudumula, Junior, Automotive Engineering

“I would love to see more comedians come to Ferris. I saw the one comedian that came to Brophy-McNerney [Prashanth Venkataramanujam]. I think it would be cool if he came back.”

Elijah Flint, Freshman, Political Science

“I would like to see a music festival come to Ferris. Any concert in which the students could pick who they would like to come visit would be ideal. I just think music is the gateway to the soul.”

Brianne Gardener, Sophomore, Psychology

“We’ve had all types of speakers come here, it’s hard to decide. I think we should just have more concerts; more artists that the students actually listen to.”

Ambry McCord, Junior, Psychology

“I love to watch dance. I would like to see some type of dance concert or musical. It wouldn’t have to be anyone famous, just really talented.”

Ashlee Alexander, Sophomore, Pre-med

“Ferris usually has some type of concert at the end of the year, but it’s not as great you think it would be. They usually have rock bands, but I think we should have artists of other genres come.”