Powerless and pissed

Ferris student shares story of her struggle during the west campus electrical outage

In a world filled with technology and resources, it is less likely to run into your average first-world problems.

First world problems are problems people experience in a wealthy country at which people of third world countries would probably roll their eyes.

For example, I have never appreciated hot water more in my entire life.

The day after the power outage, I didn’t know how long I would be without power or hot water. I figured I would just take a shower and hope for the best. I was wrong and couldn’t stop comparing it to an ice bath for the rest of the day.

After my lovely cold shower, the only thing I wanted to do was warm up, and it was then that I realized my blow-dryer wouldn’t even be able to work and I would be stuck with cold, wet hair. I was thrilled.

But my problems didn’t just stop there.

I couldn’t charge my laptop or my phone, and it felt like I was almost cut off completely from the world.

It seemed unfair that the west side of campus were the only ones affected long-term with the power outage, even though I knew they couldn’t control that.

After power was completely restored, I thought everything would go back to normal. Unfortunately, my residence hall seemed to be the only one to have their WiFi affected, so things were still out of the ordinary.

All of my math homework is to be completed online, and yes, I did know the other side of campus had power, but I just couldn’t bring myself to walk to FLITE to complete homework that was due by midnight when I was dealing with what I thought was a repeat of the blackout of 2003.

The dorm rooms only come with one Ethernet hook-up, so when my roommate was catching up on all the amazing shows she missed, I couldn’t catch up on my two math assignments.

To this day, I never did catch up because my teacher wasn’t especially fond of my excuse about not wanting to walk to the opposite side of campus. Thankfully, after a week with no WiFi, it has been restored again.