Head football coach suspended

Tony Annese to serve eight-day suspension

Ferris football Head Coach Tony Annese will serve an eight-day suspension, effective immediately.

At 7:44 p.m. on Nov. 6, Ferris News Services and Social Media Manager Sandy Gholston released a statement on behalf of the university. Gholston wrote that Annese, who is in his second season at Ferris, was suspended following an incident that occurred inside the locker room during halftime of the Oct. 26 game at Michigan Tech University.

At the half, the Bulldogs trailed the Huskies 14-10.

Although players declined to go into detail, Ferris junior defensive end Carlton Johnson said the incident was part of a tactic to pump up the team during halftime.

“I know what it was and it wasn’t that serious,” Johnson said. “It was just to get us hyped.”

Ferris outscored Michigan Tech 20-6 in the second half and went on to win the game 30-27.

After learning about the incident, university officials “conducted an immediate review,” according to the press release. Details on the incident were not provided.

“As this is a personnel matter, the University will not make additional comments regarding this incident,” Gholston wrote.

The suspension will include the Bulldogs’ game on Nov. 9 at Northwood University. Assistant Head Coach and Offensive Line Coach Rob Zeitman will handle all head coaching duties, according to the press release.

Annese will be reinstated on Nov. 14, two days before the Bulldogs take on Northern Michigan at home. It is the final contest of the regular season.

Johnson was disappointed with the administration’s decision to suspend Annese.

“I think it’s sad that people that don’t even know the situation can hand out a suspension,” he said. “To tell you the truth, [it] don’t even make sense.”

Ferris is 6-3 overall on the season and 6-2 in conference play. The team has won its last two games.

  • Dana Hardin Cook

    So what was he suspended for then?

  • Torch Employee

    All the information that we have, you have at the present time. We are still currently seeking more and will update this piece as appropriate. Thank you for reading.

  • nollan

    Ferris Athletic Department and Adminstration are such whiners! Pussy minds that don’t like their ‘children” to be competitive anymore… No go forth get your degree from FSU and prepare to be eaten in the world!

  • Former College Coach

    I Think that someone will file a FOIA if the press does not. From what I heard second hand it was really nothing compared to what division 1 coaches have done! But Coach does not have the legacy or support that Div I coaches have. Too bad overreaction to half time inspirationssssssssssss.

  • Torch Employee

    The Torch Filed a FOIA on Friday, the University has 5 business days to respond, check our issue tomorrow for new developments in this story.