Jazz – With Soul

Organissimo will bring music to your ears with their wide variety of music styles.

They will play at the Big Rapids band shell on Wednesday, Aug. 26 at 7 p.m.

There will be free admission for all and Pepper’s Café will have a small concession stand for those in need of food or drinks.

All different types of people enjoy Organissimo’s music. Their Web site says; “from young and old, black and white, hippies to corporate professionals, their music skirts over fences and satisfies a diverse range of tastes.”

Organissimo, according to their web site organissimo.org, incorporates elements of funk, gospel, blues, progressive rock, and fusion into a solid foundation of jazz after focusing mainly on original and traditional organ-based trio material.

“An American cultural critic, Elvis Mitchell, wrote after witnessing a show at Baker’s Keyboard Lounge [in Detroit], ‘The group’s toned, muscular playing keeps the crowd rapt, a condition noticeable by the fact that almost no one is talking,’” as stated on their web site.

According to their web site, Organissimo formed in late 2000. Guitarist, Joe Gloss, and organist, Jim Alfredson, met at Michigan State University in the late 90s and “recognized a rare musical chemistry” and initiated the search to find drummer, Randy Marsh.

This vibrant band has been all over the country and parts of the world: Michigan to Philadelphia, Chicago to Indianapolis, and also to Israel for the 2007 Tel-Aviv Jazz Festival.

Organissimo has won many awards for their albums including the WYCE Jammy award for Best Jazz Album for their debut CD “Waiting for the Boogaloo Sisters…”

“Combine Alfredson’s knack for choosing just the right color and tone in any given composition with his colleagues’ ability to match his gestures, and you have one of the most promising organ trios in jazz,” said in the Chicago Tribune.

For more information on the band, visit organissimo.org. For more information on the concert, contact 231-592-4036.