Quarterback Battle Heats Up as Season Draws Near

Kyle Parrish and Tom Schneider are each vying for job as starting quarterback for the Bulldogs this season.

<span class='credit'>Photos By: Ben Thayer | Sports Editor</span><span class='description'>Kyle Parrish and Tom Schneider pose for a photo on Bulldog football media day. </span>
Photos By: Ben Thayer | Sports EditorKyle Parrish and Tom Schneider pose for a photo on Bulldog football media day.

Either Tom Schneider or Kyle Parrish will be under center for the opening possession on Saturday, who it will be, has yet to be determined.

Head coach Jeff Pierce has two talented quarterbacks that he will use this season. Pierce said that both quarterbacks will play throughout the year, with no set schedule as to whom will play when.

“Both guys are team players and there is going to be competition all year long,” said Pierce.

  Schneider Parrish
Games Played: 11 8
Rushing Yards: 519 291
Rushing TDs: 6 2
Passing Yards: 884 911
Passing TDs: 2 6
Completion %: 45.7 54.7

Schneider, a redshirt sophomore, and Parrish, a senior, each have a unique skill set that sets them apart from one another. Schneider believes that their talents complement each other very well and that both he and Parrish run the offense effectively.

“I think we both have a good grasp of the offense and I think we both run it well,” said Schneider.

In the 2008 season, Parrish led the team in passing yards, passing touchdowns, and efficiency. He threw for 404 yards and four touchdowns in a victory against Indianapolis last season.

Schneider uses his athleticism and strength to move the ball with his feet. He led the team in rushing yards and rushing touchdowns in 2008. Schneider recorded 119 yards and two scores in a winning effort over Findlay in 2008.

Both quarterbacks trained in the offseason to prepare for this season. Both athletes improved tremendously, according to Pierce.

“They have really taken their game to a whole new level since last fall,” said Pierce.

The competition heated up during training camp and with one week left before the season, both athletes are ready to take the field. Pierce really likes the situation he is in because he knows the value of having two quarterbacks who are capable of playing at a high level.

“We really need two guys in our type of offense to be successful,” said Pierce.

Parrish is optimistic that no matter who starts, both quarterbacks give the Bulldogs a great opportunity to win.

“We’re both competitors and I feel like we both have a chance to help this team win,” said Parrish.

Whether its Schneider or Parrish that takes the opening snap against Tiffin, Pierce will be confident in his decision.