Disc Golf in FLITE

Playing disc gold indoors is one thing, playing disc golf in FLITE could be something else entirely.

The FLITE library will open its doors to anyone interested in palying.

The first 50 teams of two will be able to play disc golf inside the entire FLITE. Discs will be supplied and can be kept by the players as well.

Access Services Librarian, David Scott, said “The course will start outside then come inside [FLITE] and go to each floor.”

<span class='credit'>Graphic by: Heath VanSingel</span>
Graphic by: Heath VanSingel

The final hole will use the second floor balcony, which is expected to be a difficult hole to play.

If students don’t want to participate but would rather watch, some areas will be available for spectators.

Scott said the reason they have the event in FLITE and not outside is to “show people FLITE in an interesting and fun way. Not just a traditional library, but a place to gather as well.”

Prizes will be given out to the winning team and smaller prizes for longest drive and longest “putt.”

This event is sponsored by FLITE and inspired the FLITE employees who saw a YouTube video of an event at Calvin College.

Scott said, “We thought this would be a fun way to introduce FLITE at the beginning of the year.”

For more in formation contact Scott at scottd@nullferris.edu or x2662.