The Final Destination

The Final Destination is an R-rated movie about a new group of adults who try to escape death.

The movie starts right off with the first big incident and chaos occurs after. Our main character doesn’t look at pictures for the clues, doesn’t “feel” the pain that will happen to the next person who dies, and doesn’t see what’s going to happen next; he only sees clues. He gets visions of the possible weapons, places, and things around the soon-to-be-crime scene and has an eerie “feeling” about things to lead him to the next person on death’s list.

This new installment of the series didn’t quite cut my expectations as I thought it would. The 3D version of the movie helps, but the storyline was a bit boring.

Yes, I already knew the basic storyline so how can that change, but everything just happened too quickly.

Maybe it was the moderate acting, maybe it was the gore, maybe it was the “oh how can that happen” type of thinking, but overall it was just okay to me.

If I had to give it anything, I’d rate it a 2.5 out of 5.

The graphics, gore, and storyline are good; acting is mediocre, but if you liked the previous three movies, like I did, if you own the previous three movies, like I do, then it just may be worth your money to see.

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