Year of the Dawg

<span class='credit'>Torch File Photo</span><span class='description'>Bulldog Spirit: One of the twenty-four fiberglass “dawgs” up for auction on Sept. 25.</span>
Torch File PhotoBulldog Spirit: One of the twenty-four fiberglass “dawgs” up for auction on Sept. 25.

With the year long program coming to a close, 24 bulldogs out of the 36, will be auctioned off on eBay for any business, organization, or individual to buy.

The other 12 were already bought by businesses.

It’s sad to see these dogs go, but it’s for a good cause. All of the money will be going to three organizations: Artworks of Big Rapids, the Youth Attention Center of Mecosta County (YAC), and Leadership Mecosta.

Each business with a dog in front of it has been sponsoring this bulldog for the entire year. As seen, each “dawg” was painted in a unique way.

Geri Johnson, Governmental Relations Assistant, said each business helped create the bulldog they sponsored by giving ideas to the artists. She said 28 artists total were used to help create each dog and give it its own unique personality.

Now that these dogs have had their fame throughout the year, it’s time for them to give something back. Johnson said all 24 “dawgs” will be together for the last time during Homecoming. All will be on display for everyone to look at before being auctioned off.

The auction will take place from Sept. 25 to Oct. 8. Six dogs will be up for bid each day.

Businesses have already taken an interest in having one of these dogs as a decoration and even told Johnson they will be bidding when the time comes.

Johnson does encourage Ferris student groups and other Ferris organizations to bid on a dog as these were a big part of the community and shows people that these students and staff really are Ferris bulldogs.

“Everyday people come to Big Rapids just to see these dogs and take pictures with them,” Johnson said, “People even buy bulldogs for their kids to paint.”

Response to the dawgs has been favorable and the advertisements have been a help for those interested in seeing them and possibly bidding on them.

Johnson said, “It’s not about making money, but enhancing the community we live in.”

For more information on the auction contact Johnson at x3600. n