A Cheap Personality Isn’t Always Bad

A room can say a lot about a person. Organizing and decorating your living space can be like a handshake from your furniture.Here are some ideas to help you out that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

First, try to build a loft bed. They give you a lot more floor space, and you can decorate the wood using paint or anything else.

If you are in a room with only one bed, use cement blocks to raise your bed for extra storage space.

Because the rooms are so small, the loft beds aren’t the only thing you can use to create space. Instead, you can purchase the plastic containers with pull out drawers or just a couple of milk crates to stack. Both of these can be found at a variety of stores.

To give the room some color, string Christmas lights along the walls. You can use an old set from home or pick some up at a dollar store around Christmas time.

Another way to give the walls some color is to create a mural on butcher paper. Create a design you like using pens, markers, paint, or just about anything. Once the design is complete, you can you use putty to hang it up on your wall. The best part is, when you get sick of one design, you can create a new one to stick up in its place.

If you don’t like the mural idea, the classic posters are also a good way to go.

In order to cover the windows in the room and bathroom, make your own curtains. Drape an old blanket over the window or buy a piece of fabric to hang up.

If you have a refrigerator in your room, buy some magnets to hang pictures or important notes with. You can find cheap magnets at a dollar store.

For other pictures you bring, you need frames. Instead of buying the frames, find a piece of cardboard, some glue, and anything you want on the frame, like glitter or buttons. Glue these things on, and you have made your own frame.

An additional way to display pictures is using a French Memo Board. The board has ribbons criss-crossing each other in order to hold things in place. This prevents spending money on the putty or tacks.

The last thing you might need to make your room a little cozier is a rug or an old piece of carpet. This will prevent your bare feet from hitting the cold tile when you first get out of bed.

There is plenty more you can do but these are some simple guidelines to help you create a space that fits who you are and helps you save money.