It's Time for Round Four

Jim Andrews returns to present Beer, Booze, and Books

<span class='credit'>Torch File Photo</span><span class='description'>Beer, Booze, and Books: Pictured here is Beer, Booze, and Books lecturer, Jim Andrews.</span>
Torch File PhotoBeer, Booze, and Books: Pictured here is Beer, Booze, and Books lecturer, Jim Andrews.

Based on students’ recommendations, Beer, Booze, and Books has come back to Ferris for its fourth year.

Jim Andrews will return to present Beer, Booze, and Books on Tuesday, Sept. 15, at 11 a.m. and at 7 p.m. in the Williams Auditorium.

Andrews has presented this program to over 300,000 students on more than 300 campuses around the country.

This presentation does help decrease drinking among first year students, but it’s not a drastic drop, just enough to keep students and college campuses asking for more information.

The presentation will be similar to the past four years, said Shelly VandePanne, FSUS Coordinator, but the basic concepts and ideas will not change; Andrews does a good job keeping the students interested.

“I enjoy [the presentation] every year. He has commercial clips and posters that show humor and keep the audience’s attention about alcohol,” said VandePanne.

Andrews teaches people how to drink wisely and responsibly.

VandePanne said, “I want the students to know the presentation is not about how drinking is bad, but about how to make good choices when it comes to alcohol consumption.”

It’s hard to take the knowledge you gain about drinking in high school with you to college because the culture is so different here than in our alma maters.

Even the people who don’t drink, are still encouraged to attend because they will be informed of the dangers of alcohol consumption.

For more information contact VandePanne at or at x2360.