Students Injured in Crosswalk Mishaps

While injuries were minor, the growing problem could have more to do with walkers than drivers

An unspecified number of incidences have occurred around campus over the years because foot traffic and vehicle traffic aren’t sure who has the right-of-way.

For the first week of classes, Department of Public Safety (DPS) student employees were posted at high traffic points around campus to distribute information regarding jay-walking and when it’s okay to cross the street.

<span class='credit'>Graphic By: Heath VanSingel</span>
Graphic By: Heath VanSingel

Director of Public Safety, Chief Marty Bledsoe, and his staff have been working with Student Government of Ferris State University to promote safety when it comes to crossing the streets around campus.

“There were two pedestrian mishaps that resulted in very minor injuries and some minor vehicle damage already this year,” said Bledsoe. According to Bledsoe, in both cases the pedestrians put themselves at risk and they should have yielded the right-of-way to the vehicle.

While some areas are marked with pedestrian “cross” and “do not cross” lights, on campus there are no lights and traffic tends to come in surges based around peak classes beginning and end times.

“I don’t have to cross that much, “ said senior in the New Media Printing and Publishing program Mike Fleming. “But I know there are a lot of people who just walk out there without looking.”

Other safety concerns arise when students are more focused on texting or changing a song on their mp3 player than checking both ways before entering the road. Fleming claims to have seen this first hand. “People need to pay attention,” Fleming added.