Jennifer’s Body

<span class='credit'>Photo Courtesy of MCT Campus</span><span class='description'>Megan Fox in “Jennifer’s Body” as Jennifer, a friendly girl turned mysterious, demonic, boy-killer.</span>
Photo Courtesy of MCT CampusMegan Fox in “Jennifer’s Body” as Jennifer, a friendly girl turned mysterious, demonic, boy-killer.

Satanic rituals, demonic transferences, thriving off of human blood to stay full; “Jennifer’s Body” is not really what I expected.

Why did Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried take on a movie like this? I mean, from their hit movies “Transformers” and “Mamma Mia” to a movie line about a girl killing boys?

Maybe this movie will be big because of that, but I wasn’t too impressed. It’s the typical movie where I knew how it ended. I can’t deny the great acting from the two young stars, but this is not the type of movie I see them doing.

Fox plays Jennifer Check, the girl everyone wants to be friends with. Seyfried plays Jennifer’s best friend, Needy Lesnicky. After a night out to a tavern, Jennifer goes with a mysterious band and is used for a satanic ritual. Next thing Needy knows, Jennifer is killing their school’s boys for their blood to stay full, healthy, and beautiful.

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The graphics are okay, the gore is not bad, but the general storyline was pretty lame. The good girl into a demonic killer reminds me of a “Carrie”/”The Exorcist” mix.

Not to mention what happens at the end; I wasn’t expecting what happens, I’ll admit, but it still follows the storyline of a lot of horror movies. I want something new that I didn’t see coming. I did like how it was put together though because it made me ask myself questions like, “How’d this happen?”

I liked the actors in this movie so I figured I’d take a risk and go see this one, as I did with “Whiteout,” but I didn’t have the same reaction. It’s a typical horror movie, but with more sexual innuendos. If you like that mix, the movie is all yours.