Move-in, Break Up Sooner. Think Twice Before Shacking Up with Your Beau

Learning each other’s bad habits turns many couples off from marriage

The “move-in” is often a long-term relationship’s next step before marriage.

Most couples believe that living together will help them get to know each other. By increasing time together, couples can learn one another’s quirks, schedule, and all of the other stuff you would not during a Saturday night date.

Also, quality time becomes easier because couples come home to each other.

Even though increasing the time a couple spends together can help some people grow closer, sometimes living together does not always help a relationship develop a tighter bond. Living together often teaches couples how to hate each other. When people are together all the time, all their bad habits are exacerbated. Seeing a girlfriend hang her panties over the shower rail to dry or watching a boyfriend trim his nose hairs over the sink may be more togetherness than some people want.

Sharing the same space also puts a different spin on the occasional lover’s spat. After a fight, people who live apart can return to their own apartments. However, when a couple shares a home, there are not a lot of places to go….except for the couch.

The Break-up, starring Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn, is a perfect example of a living situation gone wrong. Aniston and Vaughn share a condo in Chicago for several years, until one-day Anniston becomes unhappy in the relationship and wants Vaughn to change. Unfortunately, Vaughn is unwilling to change and the two have to suffer the fall-out of their relationship while living together.

For most break-ups, people just go their separate ways. When people share rent and a mortgage though, break-ups become close to impossible.

Some people might say that cohabitation is the best thing for a couple after several years of dating, however most relationships tend to have problems after two years. Even more so, living together can remove the fun and excitement people have for each other during periods of separation. Absence truly does make the heart grow fonder. When people live together that fondness turns into forgetfulness because a person does not remember how it feels to miss someone.

Now, I’m not saying that living together is a curse, but I am saying that it is a big step in the progression of a relationship and should not be taken lightly. People should make sure that they want to be together for the long run before they decide to play house.