Play Golf With a Disc

Disc golf is a form of outdoor entertainment that is rapidly growing in popularity.

Disc golf was invented in the late ‘60s by a man named Ed Headrick. The game is played using flying discs and an above- ground wire basket target.

You begin at a designated area and progressively work your way closer to the basket target by throwing the disc with the objective of staying under par, just like in golf. Many different types of discs are used for different distances and a typical course is usually 18 to 24 holes.

In 1975, the game’s popularity lead to the creation of the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA). Clubs and groups wanting to play the game have also sprung up, including a Registered Student Organization (RSO) here on campus called the Disc Sports Club. A Big Rapids Disc Golf League is also available for students and citizens to join.

Students are not the only people on campus interested in this up and coming sport. The FLITE library took advantage of disc golf’s recent popularity by holding an indoor tournament for students to participate in. FLITE employees thought this would be a great way to get students acquainted with the library at the beginning of the school year.

A disc golf course is located in Big Rapids. It is an 18-hole course in Northend Riverside Park. With only a few weeks of good weather is left, I suggest people take advantage of these last weeks of outdoor weather and get some outside entertainment around town. Disc golf would be a great activity to start.