Seeing Aerially

The historical aerial photo display was shown in the Rankin Art Gallery for a month

Aerial photos are always cool to look at, but looking at a school’s transformation over decades is even better.

Not only were there aerial photos of the Ferris campus, but also old, antique machines not used anywhere anymore, and an example would be an old camera.

The display was very cool and interesting because not did it only show us Ferris’ transformation over years and years, but the photographer and art director created an “I Spy” theme along with it.

Next to every picture was a little box that asked us if we can find certain buildings and asked where to find the location future buildings would be, which are around now.

I liked the way they did that because it kept viewers interested in the pictures and actually made us look at the pictures for longer periods of time.

I never knew what Ferris looked like without the Quad, without FLITE being as big as it is now, and without some halls that are here today.

The exhibit showed how both Big Rapids and Ferris changed drastically because of the college’s popularity.

As Ferris recently celebrated its 125th anniversary or birthday, the photos are more memorable then ever.

It’s always good to see how far a school has come and how far it may go in the future.