Your Story

This week Ferris celebrates homecoming. A weeklong series of performances and buildup to Saturday’s football game, homecoming is an American tradition that this year will serve to continue to recognize the 125th year of our university’s existence.

The streets will be active with Alums and current students, alike in their connection to the school that Woodbridge built and the history that is connected to it.

Some of that history is like that of Stevie and Greg Boviee (SP) on page 5. This couple met by chance here nearly 40 years ago, and came to Big Rapids this past weekend to reminisce. Their story could be the ingredients to a romantic movie or a reminder that you might get more than just an education from this school.

Here we can share in our memories, create our own history with our friends and family.

Stevie and Greg share that history every day. More than just a setting and some characters, this is their story.