Letter from the Editor: This Moment

A life is a string a moments, mingled with the moments of others. And from one moment to another things change, lives change.

One of those moments was this past Friday when an accident resulted in the death of a student.

It is in these moments that we pause for reflection on our own mortality. These moments, fleeting, remind us to cherish and support one another.

For each memory that is shared, we must persevere.

For each heartbeat that is extinguished, we must follow our own hearts.

For each dream that did not come true, we must further strengthen our resolve.

A moment, a pulse, a thought or prayer, all of them are fleeting and all of them are changing our world.

In this instance, we share in a moment of tragedy, and while there are so many moments in our days, there are never enough to waste on anger. There are not enough to blame or hate.

Eventually there will be peace for the families of those students impacted by this tragedy. One can only hope that their moment comes soon.