Spooky, Simple Costumes

Simple ideas that will make a statement on Halloween

SuperNorrisIt never fails that certain people always have to find quick and easy costumes at the last minute around Halloween, or they need a cheap costume because they can‘t afford a store bought one.

There are some simple tricks and ideas that you can put together in no time at all with very little money to achieve a great Halloween look. Guys and girls both have many very creative options to choose from.

Lucas Hanson, junior in the surveying engineering program, said, “Go as Superman dressed up as Chuck Norris.”

Hanson said that all you need is a cowboy hat, a Superman shirt, a jean jacket and a painted on beard.

Another fun idea for guys is to dress up as a “chick magnet.” To achieve this look go to a hardware department or store and buy magnets. Once you have the magnets glue them to your clothes and then glue fake baby chicks to the magnets.

OwlMost guys have a jersey from one sport or another in their closet. You can utilize that jersey for Halloween and go as the player whose name is on the back. To add to the look, carry around the ball that the player would be using or wear some of the equipment if you have it.

There are many options for girls as well.

Two ideas for quick costumes come from Renee Urbanc, sophomore in the music industry management program. Urbanc suggests going as a Hooters girl or as a mime.

A homecoming, prom or beauty queen is also a great option. Many girls have formal dresses hanging in their closets from high school dances and heels to go with them. All you need is the dress, some jewelry, heels, a cheap tiara and to create a sash out of ribbon or an old white sheet.

MagnetDressing up like Mother Nature is a surprisingly simple costume to put together. If you take a long skirt and shirt and glue fake flowers and twigs onto them you can put the look together for very little money. After you get your outfit down, messing up your hair and intertwining flowers and twigs into it is a great addition to the look.

The are also some gender neutral options to choose from.

A mummy is one that anyone can do by wrapping toilet paper or gauze around yourself until you are fully wrapped. A scarecrow is another option. All you need to pull off the scarecrow look is hay to stuff in your clothes, jeans, and a flannel shirt. Going as a hippy is also a great option. You simply need a flowery, loose shirt, bellbottoms and some sunglasses.

Bubblegum under a shoe is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Dress head to toe in pink clothes and then tie a shoe to the top of your head. It’s simple, easy, and sure to get a few laughs.

Dressing up as a dice is a simple affordable costume as well. Just find a cardboard box and some black and white spray paint, then paint the box white and spray black dots on the sides.

Some people prefer being creative with their costume and would rather do these cheap ideas than buy a costume from a store. Urbanc said, “Stores are overpriced and it is easier and more fun to go to Goodwill and put something together.”

These are just some simple ideas that are quick and easy to throw together. They can help you save money and time. A lot of the things needed for each costume can be found in your closet, at Goodwill, at thrift shops, or at a crafts store or department. These ideas might just help you in your last minute search, or your money saving search, for a Halloween costume that kills.

Costumes for Him and Her


  • Tom Cruise from Risky Business
  • Chick Magnet
  • Superman as Chuck Norris
  • Professional Athlete
  • Cowboy
  • American Tourist


  • Hooters Girl
  • Cowgirl
  • Prom or Beauty Queen
  • Cute Animal
  • Mother Nature
  • Frazzled Housewife


  • Hippy
  • Mummy
  • Gum Under a Shoe
  • Mime
  • Dice
  • Scarecrow