Recycle the Night Away

Recycle the Night AwayThe Ferris Recyclers, a registered student organization at Ferris State University, will be hosting A Night at the Recycling Center.

The event will be taking place on Nov. 4 from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the recycling center in Big Rapids, a time when the facility isn’t usually open.

Angela Eick, president of the Ferris Recyclers, said, “I had no idea where the recycling center was until my junior year here, so we are just hoping to spread the word about their facility.”

The Ferris Recyclers also began a program this year that tries to incorporate recycling into residence halls. Four halls were chosen to participate on campus. The purpose of this was to try to give students some opportunity to recycle at least a few times during the semester.

20090211_Recycle_marketEick also said that because this event is being held at a time when the facility isn’t usually open, it’s a chance for students to take advantage of the recycling available here.

This event will have beverages available for students and other planned activities as well. Captain Planet, the famous environmental superhero, also might be making an appearance sometime that evening.

If you are interested in bringing items to recycle, the group accepts cereal, tissue and shoe boxes, mail, magazines, paper, newspaper, tin cans, styrofoam and many other items.

If you would like more information on this event or the Ferris Recyclers organization, visit