Orchestra and Symphony Set to Play

Both musical groups will be performing a variety of pieces for this week’s concert

The Ferris State University Symphony Band and the Ferris State University West Central Chamber Orchestra will both be performing concerts this week.

The FSU Symphony Band was founded four years ago and is sponsored by Ferris through the university’s Music for Life! Initiative. The band is comprised of FSU students, members of the community, and some musicians from high schools across the region. The band consists mainly of Ferris students.

The band encourages students and community members to participate if they are able. Ferris students are able to earn credit and scholarships by participating in the band. These students enroll in Music 160 in order to do so. Community members and high school students may participate for free.

Richard Scott Cohen, musical director and conductor, said, “The symphony band concert is built around the concept of having a variety of different styles and will feature seven musical selections in all.”

The FSU West Central Chamber Orchestra will also be performing a concert this week.

The orchestra is also comprised of Ferris students, community members, and select high school students from across the region. This will be the forty-third concert season for the orchestra.

The overall size of the orchestra has been the largest in recent years. Cohen said that this year’s string orchestra has a record high number of Ferris students participating.

The orchestra concert will feature music from across a wide variety of eras. There will be music from the romance era, the post-romance era, and the classical era. The orchestra will play six musical selections in all.

Both the orchestra and symphony band have had to deal with constrictions on practice time.

“It can be a challenge because we only rehearse once a week for 90 minutes and there are no regular practice hours for our members,” said Cohen.

Despite practice limitations, Cohen believes that both musical groups will put on great shows.

“I think both groups have done a great job and the concerts are going to be great,” said Cohen. “Everyone who participates are people who have lots of experience and love music.”

The FSU Symphony Band will be performing tonight at 8 p.m. The FSU West Central Chamber Orchestra will be performing Sunday, Nov. 22 at 4 p.m. Both concerts will be held in Williams Auditorium. The concerts have free admission and are open to the public.

Songs to be Played

FSU West Central Chamber Orchestra

  • Overture from “The Barber of Seville” By Rossini
  • Palladio By Karl Jenkins
  • Serenade for String Orchestra By Norman Leyden

FSU Symphony Band

  • James Bond Suite By Frank Erickson
  • On the Campus By John Philip Sousa
  • Irish Songs By Robert W. Smith