Sports Fans Unite

Ferris athletic teams have shown why they deserve as much fan support as possible

Ferris State athletics have given sports fans something to cheer about this semester and the student athletes, coaches and staff deserve loyal fans.

Fans of all sports should embrace the triumphs the Ferris athletic teams have had so far this year. If the team did not do as well, they still deserve support. Teams will be more apt to play well if they have a large crowd behind them.

All sports deserve more fans and more support, but the men’s golf and the women’s cross country teams are at the top of the list. I understand that these sports only compete at home once each season, but that is why they need fans behind them.

The men’s golf team won three tournaments during the fall season and did not finish outside of the top five in any of their five tournaments. Not to mention, senior Eric Lilleboe is the fifth-ranked Division II golfer in the nation.

The women’s cross country team finished 11th in the nation at the Division II National Championships. The team tied its second-highest finish in school history and its highest in 22 years.

The Bulldog volleyball team finished 19-12 and made the Division II NCAA Tournament for the first time since the 2006 season. The team finished 10-6 in the Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (GLIAC) and posted a 10-5 record at home.

The Bulldog hockey team is off to its best home start ever and is nationally ranked for the first time in two years.

Not all teams are successful and not all teams will be; that is the nature of sports. One year a team is awful and the next year it is great. Bulldog athletics have given all sports fans reason to cheer and they deserve all the fan support they can get.