Letter from the Editor: ‘Tis the Season

The holidays are a season of drastic change and upheaval from our regular lives.

School comes to a close, final grades are posted. We leave college friends to reunite with our old friends and continue to participate in various family traditions from gift giving to caroling and everything in between that makes up the spirit of the season. Come January we’ll charge ourselves with a resolution for the next year.

With all of this activity, it can be stressful. We all share, at some level, in that weariness that the holidays can bring. But it’s important to remember a few things.

As we come together with those we love to eat, drink and be merry we need to be safe. While bearing in mind that overdoing it one night only makes it more difficult to celebrate properly the next.

Don’t miss an opportunity to make your affection known. Mistletoe or not, who knows what could happen in a year.

Most importantly, this is a time for celebrating. Wasting a minute being unhappy, angry, stressed or bored is just unacceptable. For the next three weeks you are free to be pampered by parents, reminiscent with friends and devoid of many adult responsibilities.

From all of us at The Ferris State Torch, good luck on exams, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year.