Letter from the Editor: New Year, New Resolve

At the start of any new semester, and any new year, we have an opportunity to re-invent and reinvigorate our actions.

This can be the semester the GPA your parents have been pressuring you for could become a reality. This could be the year that you decide what’s going to happen next year and the rest of your life. This is an opportunity to start fresh and to leave the unwanted aspects of the recent past behind.

That being said, have some fun.

The weather may be blustery and irritating, but there are snow sculptures to be built and snowballs to be launched. If the outside is just too frightful, there are loads of ideas from live music to video games and art shows.

For seniors graduating in just a few short months, a reaffirmed dedication to academics is not an insurmountable pursuit in correlation with a healthy social life. For those with some time left still at Ferris, probably paying attention to school is a good idea as well.

By most means, at the center of all of this is experience. The next step after college will want to know about your experience, both academic and non-academic. Just be sure to purge your facebook of questionable content and leave out the highlighter parties you’ve frequented.

As I said at the beginning of last semester, “there is a time and a place for everything, and it’s called college.”