Recyclers clean up

The RSO has been working to increase recycling on campus

The Ferris State University Recyclers do more that pick up garbage; they’re helping save the campus.

Litter on college campuses is not only an eyesore, but can also reduce an institution’s enrollment.

Recyclers, with the help of Allied Waste, collect recyclables from 14 recycle bins in Puterbaugh/Henderson and Brophy/McNerny halls every other Wednesday.

“Each recycle bin is 90-gallons,” said Angela Eick, Recyclers president. “The bins are generally filled half way each time.”

The Recyclers implemented their residence hall recycling program during the fall semester and has received a lot of support.

“We’ve gotten a lot of help from housing and the physical plant in making the pilot recycling program in the halls happen,” said Eick.

Several bins in the halls are designated for paper and other recyclables that the Recyclers personally roll out and empty to the Mecosta Recycling Center. Although the Recyclers have only 25 members, they get a lot of work done.

“We do all of the labor ourselves,” said Eick. “Last semester we did one pick-up and event each month.”

Eick encourages more students to join the Recyclers so they can expand their residences’ hall program to more than four halls.

“Anyone is welcome to join and this is a great way to gain volunteer hours,” said Eick.

The Trick-or-Treating for Recyclables, Recycling on the Rankin Quad, recycling before 5-star events, and A Night at the Recycling Center are just some of the events the Recyclers did over the fall semester. Eick, a member since last year, said she feels proud of the work they’ve done and hope they can continue to expand.

The Recyclers also receive assistance from the physical plant workers who pick up the recycling that does not get into the bins. Prior to the RSO, the physical plant recycled providing most faculty and staff areas with shredding boxes. Although the campus tried to maintain recycling on campus, the Recyclers help the campus get involved.

“Before hall recycling, students either threw the recyclables away, kept them for home or threw them on the ground,” said Eick. “So we really wanted to make recycling accessible on campus and off.”

The Recyclers’ current fundraiser is re-usable grocery bags that can be purchased via their website and office. The Recyclers also have t-shirts on their website that quote Mahatma Gandhi, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Profits from the fundraisers go to supplies and funding future events.

The next hall pickups will be Jan. 13 and 27. The Recyclers are currently looking for new members, especially within those halls. The group’s next meeting will be Jan. 12 at 11 a.m. in FLITE 304.