Welcome to the blogosphere

2004: the year I entered the blogosphere. I set up my first blogger account and started writing.

What did I write about? Nothing that mattered; just daily events between my friends and me. Honestly, when I created the account I didn’t even know what I would use it for. I just thought it was the cool thing to do. And man was I right.

Jump ahead six years: I’ve tried many of the major blogging platforms, including LiveJournal, Tumblr, TypePad, Movable Type, and WordPress, and I still continue to write. What do I write about now? Still nothing that truly matters, but that’s what’s so great about blogging. I can write about almost anything.

Anyone can blog. It’s as easy as going to blogger.com, wordpress.com, or tumblr.com, signing up for a free account, and then starting to write. My recommendation for a new blogger would be Tumblr, as it very easy to use and has many options to integrate with your Twitter and your Facebook accounts, so the stories/thoughts/ideas/opinions that you write will be posted across the social web, exposing your content to hundreds; that is, assuming you do use a social network, you’re not a social-hermit, right?

One of the best sites to show that blogging can be for anyone is possumtales.com. It’s a site that my wife runs with the simple, but funny, concept: quotes that she hears our friends say, with the occasional story thrown in. She has never run a blog before, let alone with her own web address, but she has a great time doing it, and it’s very easy for her to do. She’s always excited to put in the next entry and is always on the lookout for quotable, bloggable phrases. Thanks to her ambition, her site is an awesome stop for anyone looking to waste a few minutes of time, and to get a good laugh with it.

Like I said, anyone can blog. Setup your own blog today, and share it with the rest of the FSU Torch readers: Comment on this story at below, and leave a link to your newly established blog. Happy blogging!