Ferris Fact or Fiction: The Tunnels of Ferris

The Tunnels of Ferris State are attached to many rumors.

Some students say that the Tunnels are caves that hold secret treasures, while others believe the Tunnels were once a place where people were tortured. Whatever the latest rumor, the Tunnels are not to be explored and are highly dangerous.

Michael Hughes, associate vice president for the physical plant, said the main function of the tunnels is as underground utilities. These tunnels have been around since the 1950s and house several hundred steam, electrical and main water lines. The two tunnels cross intersect: one running north to south and other east and west.

“Students may think the tunnels are fun caves to explore,” said Hughes. “However, students are not allowed, only specialized personnel are permitted because the tunnels are dangerous.”

Hughes added that the Tunnels have more than 7,000 volts of electricity coursing through electrical lines and converters. Likewise, the steam lines are equally as dangerous reaching up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

“A drop of water from the steam line could severely damage skin,” said Hughes. “And if a steam line broke, water released could cut a body in half.”
So far, no one has been seriously injured.

The tunnels are locked and can only be entered by specialized staff who must wear protective clothing, eyewear and oxygen mask because of limited oxygen and release of toxic fumes. Some Tunnel areas are only large enough to fit one person in a
crawl space.