Letter from the Editor: To Haiti with Love, U.S.A

The tragedy that has befallen Haiti has seen an outpouring of support from Americans, but there are still people needing help in our own country.

The U.S. Census estimates over 18 percent of children under the age of 18 are growing up in poverty in America. An alarming 12.4 million children live in homes where there isn’t always enough food to go around and over three million Americans are homeless.

We should be in Haiti, providing food, water and medical attention. Our efforts to help this struggling country prior to the earthquake were abysmal. A few nights ago a telethon was held on several television stations to raise money for Haiti. Celebrities and musicians performed and spoke, pleading with viewers to give whatever they could.  The telethon raised $58 million.

How wonderful that such a great sum could be raised in such a short time. People giving just a few dollars to literally help save lives; I hope the same compassion could be shared with domestic causes, as well.

Americans are blessed in their ability to give to Haiti and other countries in times of dire need. Our generosity, among other qualities, makes us the greatest country in the world.  But careful attention must be paid to ensure that while we are rebuilding the lives of people outside of our borders, we don’t allow the lives of our own people to crumble.