Torchie Top Ten: Laundry Is The Worst Chore Ever

10. It requires a clear calendar.

Laundry is such a process that it commonly requires a whole day at home going to and from one machine to the other to the closet and back again.

9. Machine confusion.

Is there really a difference between regular wash and permanent press? Permanent press sounds pretty fancy, maybe it should be used for fancy clothes.

8. It may be a battle.

Sharing a machine with others can be cause for competition, irritation and certainly inconvenience. Having to move along someone else’s laundry can be awkward. Just hope that they are not washing underwear.

7. It requires the proper artillery.

Laundry is the perfect storm of chores. One needs to have so many things accessible just to make the task feasible: baskets/bags, the machines themselves, detergent, dryer sheets and clothes hangers. Clothes hangers, by the way, are one of the most loathsome things that exist. They are horrible at their job.

6. It is an all-day project.

Most chores are done in about thirty minutes. It takes a good hour and a half to see laundry to completion. “Steadfastness” should not be a core pre-requisite.

5. There are too many choices.

The average supermarket must have upwards of 30 scents and types of detergent and/or dryer sheets. Does it matter if the clothes smell like lavender versus mountain springs? Is fabric softener really necessary?

4. It is the triathlon of chores.

Doing laundry involves a multitude of steps: sorting, washing, drying, folding, hanging and even possibly ironing. There must be some sort of shortcut here that eludes us.

3. It can be really, really inconvenient.

It is the only household chore that many people have to leave the house to do. Nothing beats parading one’s dirty laundry about for all to see.

2. The almighty dollar.

Coin laundry adds up and laundry supplies are costly. Doing this chore can definitely take a chomp out of your fundage.

1. It provides only a false sense of accomplishment. Unless one chooses to do laundry in the buff, the chore is NEVER DONE.