Go Far with Ferris

Ferris State University offers more than just a quality education

Ferris State University complements its education with job experience opportunities not often found at oversized universities.

Any college student understands that high grades are valuable toward attaining a desirable job upon graduation. Academics are not the only attribute employers are looking for, however. An internship or work experience of some kind is more often than not what sets one student apart from another.

At Ferris, students have the opportunity to work not only on campus, but often work in their field of choice. There are also opportunities to try jobs outside of the primary field of study to expand one’s knowledge of other areas of academia.

As a former pre-pharmacy major and current accounting major, I never would have thought I would have the opportunity to be a sports editor at a newspaper. I have always been interested in writing and sports and had I not taken a journalism class, I would have never had the opportunity to write for the Torch.

Ferris has opportunities such as this available and I was able to get valuable experience doing something I love. Had I attended a larger university, where each job is fought over by dozens or hundreds of students, I most likely would not have received a chance to even see whether or not I liked journalism.

Over the weekend, I heard two Michigan State students discussing possible on-campus jobs for the fall semester. One of the students said over 100 people applied to work at the front desk in a residence hall and only three were accepted.

A smaller campus such as Ferris provides greater opportunities to those willing to search for them. A student with enough desire and the right attitude can probably get just about any job available on campus.

I have worked in three different positions at Ferris, each one providing valuable, unique skills I can take into the job market. In each case I placed one phone call, sat through one interview, and was offered a position. In each I met bright, talented individuals who were all willing to give me references in the future if needed.

Attending a university and receiving a college degree is an experience. The educational learning is as important as anything, but it is not the only thing employers look for. Work experience, whether in the field you are applying for or not, is a vital portion of one’s resume.

A degree from Ferris can get a person as far as he or she wants to go. The class sizes are small and students do not typically feel like just a number. It is not like we have to sit in a class with 400 other students or only have the opportunity to talk to a professor once every other week. Students can get as much or as little attention as wanted or needed.

Ferris State may not have prestige like the University of Michigan, but it offers numerous academic programs and varied job opportunities crucial for success in life beyond secondary education.