Letter from the Editor: Countdown to Commencement

 My e-mail inbox was visited last week by a message from the University reminding me that the Graduation Fair was fast approaching; as a senior graduating in May of this year, that’s a bit daunting.

 I know the day is coming when I’ll make the transition from a currently enrolled student to an alumnus, but suddenly the need to purchase a cap and gown, distribute tickets to family members, think about financing accumulated college debt and the ever present need to get a job feel much more urgent than they did a week ago.

 By no means am I having a panic attack or getting anxious about the completion of this chapter in my life. A mild case of senioritis may be settling in, but most of all the upcoming change.

 I moved out of my parents’ house in the fall of 2006 and haven’t moved back since. I’ve lived in other places, Mackinac Island and Washington D.C., while still a student, but always with the knowledge that the place where I would always be returning to would be Big Rapids. Realizing that this would not always be the place I slept most of my nights, the city has certainly grown on me in numerous respects.

 Ironically enough, there are several things I have to do to be able to graduate that don’t involve the $40,000 or so that I’ve spent on academics. Exit interviews, paperwork needing signage and all of the other administrative things that, if not completed, could make the last four years a moot exercise.

 But this e-mail made it real. Glancing at a calendar (something I should probably do more often) I saw there are only 72 days until graduation.

 Two and a half months, and the rest of our lives.