What Tiger Can Teach Us

Dominating the news cycle over the last over the last week has been PGA Golf Superstar and marital media punching bag Tiger Woods.

Sure, the most prevalent tip we can gather from this is simple: don’t cheat on your wife, but there are a few others.

Dress to impress:

If you have to think about whether or not you should wear a tie, you should probably just go ahead and wear a tie. Tiger apparently thought it’d be fine to go without one on national TV.

Sorry seems to be the hardest word:

Practice. Practice. Practice. That’s how you get to Carnegie Hall and effectively give a prepared speech. Tiger fell victim to the pressure of big shiny cameras and bright flashing lights. Of course, shooting 12 under par isn’t exactly a cakewalk either. Whether it’s a brief toast at a dinner party, a business presentation or an apology, eyes should be up, not focused down on the napkin you’ve jotted your notes on. Also, if you’re giving a 14-minute long speech that is dedicated as an apology, you should say sorry more than twice.

The best policy:

Honesty. Tiger has allegedly been in rehab for sex addiction for the last 45 days. The easiest way for people to trust you and take you seriously is to be up front with what’s going on. Since that part is a little tough if you’ve recently tried to dodge the media for a couple months, start by coming right out and saying whatever it is you need to say. Rehab for sex addiction is going to be tough for your kids to hear when they watch this story later on, but assuming that everyone in the world knows what you’re talking about is a bad idea. The bigger person will own up to their faults and seek swift action to correct them.

Focus on your strengths:

Above all else, Tiger Woods is an athlete and role model. To get back into the good graces of American society, if he can, he needs to get back to golfing. The stuff with his wife, his kids, his lady friends, that’s extra. The better he performs on the golf course, the less he has to perform at press conferences. n