Only 15 Minutes

The speed at which the day goes by can be daunting. Weeks evaporate and months turns into semesters and years.

In all of this moving forward, we inevitably neglect the present.

When a friend calls in need of a ride home from the bar, it takes only 15 minutes to pick them up and take them to their apartment safely. Just those 15 minutes and the assurance that a friend is ok.

It’s not much time. Really, the minutes are negligible; it doesn’t have to be 15. What is important is what happens in that time span and the lasting effects.

Only 15 minutes to call Grandma and make her day by telling her about yours.

Only 15 minutes to open up your calendar and mark the big days coming up in the next few months, and see what you’ve got to do.

Only 15 minutes to look back and see what you’ve already accomplished.

Only 15 minutes to make a salad instead of get a drive-thru cheeseburger.

Only 15 minutes of packing and organizing at night can mean 15 more minutes of sleep in the morning.

Spending 15 minutes everyday working to benefit a charity means nearly two hours of service each week.

Spending 15 minutes reading a newspaper (preferably the Torch) and you may learn something you didn’t know that you wanted to know.

Just 15 minutes less watching television and 15 minutes more doing just about anything else.

It’s only 15 minutes and a world of difference to someone, maybe you. n