Calling all kids

FSU hosts young friends and family members

Ferris State University will be giving students the opportunity to bring young friends and family members to FSU and give them a taste of the college experience.

Sibs and Kids Weekend will be happening this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at FSU.

“The reason we have Sibs and Kids is to allow Ferris students to bring their siblings, younger or older, to Ferris,” said Mary Rynearson, member of the Residence Hall Association executive board. “This gives siblings a chance to hang out at Ferris and see each other since a lot of students do not see their families very often while at Ferris.”

Rynearson said Sibs and Kids Weekend has been going on for a long time at Ferris and that most campuses in the U.S. have a weekend similar to this one.

Taima Dry, freshman in the business program, said, “I haven’t seen my siblings in such a long time that I’m just looking forward to being able to spend some quality time with them.”

Dry said her mom had to fill out a form and they had to pay $25 per kid for them to participate in the weekend. The $25 pays for a t-shirt and takes care of meal costs for the weekend. Dry will be hosting her brother, who is 17, and her sister, who is nine.

“I’m going to take them to Relay For Life and then I’ll do what they want to do from there,” said Dry.

Visitors will have the chance to partake in events such as ice skating, blow up games, watching “Space Jam,” a gospel choir, and many other events.

“We encourage everyone to join in the Sibs and Kids festivities,” said Rynearson. “It is a great weekend for everyone of all ages.” n