Michigan weather: unpredictable since 1837

When living in Michigan, one never knows what to expect, at least in terms of weather.

The thought of spring usually brings to mind singing birds, green grass, sweet-smelling flowers, and sunny skies.

This year, however, Michigan residents didn’t exactly get what they’d hoped for.

On March 20 Michigan awoke to find its lawns dusted with snow and was greeted with temperatures a little on the chilly side.

For Ferris students, they went to bed on the last day of winter after a sunny 61 degree day only to wake up to a really crummy first day of spring; 36 degrees and cloudy. Not to mention the sight of white that covered the ground

I guess when living in Michigan, Mother Nature has a way of playing with us. Sometimes we are not always prepared for the unexpected curve balls she hurls our way.

Looking back now that winter is “officially” over, I realize that it really wasn’t what I’d expected at all.

Winter in Big Rapids this year definitely surprised me. We didn’t get anything close to the anticipated snowfall I’d expected.

Last year I can remember having to trek through almost 18 inches that had fallen overnight. This year, on the other hand, was different. Every time the forecasters predicted a heavy snowfall, I went to bed expecting to have to snowshoe to class the next morning.

There were nights everyone’s statuses hoped for snow days here at Ferris as they prayed anxiously to the Facebook gods. Their dreams were shattered though when they’d wake up to find only an inch or two covering the sidewalks.

Things must have evened out somehow because in my hometown in the southeastern part of the state and in other parts of southern America, they got all the snow that we didn’t. My old high school even got a few snow days, which we never got when I was there. Aren’t they lucky? On my way to Florida over spring break I even saw traces of snow all the way to Georgia.

This winter America also saw something pretty amazing; in mid-February, 49 of the 50 states had snow. Hawaii was the only holdout. This phenomenon astounded even astronomers as they were baffled to find the last instance this occurred. Most weather stations and federal offices weren’t even sure if 49 states had ever been covered in snow at the same time before. It had never been recorded before because no one ever thought it would happen.

Several weather forecasters point to El Nino as the explanation for the unpredictable snow fall this year. Others believe that global warming and the “climate shift” are the causes. Maybe this is the first step to the next ice age.

Who knows, but if Big Rapids ends up being the new North Pole, someone let me know. For now, I’m just anxiously awaiting the return of sun and warmth. n