BR and FSU

There has been an ongoing discussion, I’m sure for as long as Big Rapids and Ferris have been around, as to the role each plays in the other’s existence.

On the page opposite this one you’ll see two letters to the editor regarding recent stories that ran in the Torch. Some may choose to share their thoughts online as well. The fascinating thing is how different the perspectives can be between members of the community and members of the student body who call this city home nine months of the year.

A game of tit-for-tat isn’t a solution to the question of what Big Rapids is and what it has done for the students of Ferris. Just as voicing boredom or effort doesn’t make the difference.

This is a place where transitions occur, debt is incurred and memories are made. This is a place of learning in and out of the classroom and familiarity with oneself is just as important as familiarity with one’s textbooks.

For some, they’ll look back on this place, this city, and remember fondly the times here. Others, not so much.

So, it seems like now is a good time to get the conversation going. I encourage all parties, students and locals, business owners and Ferris faculty to share their thoughts civilly on this topic and how to continue to improve the relationship between the town and the students, on the Torch Web site,

We all have a stake in this city and this university and should be part of the conversaton. n