New military support group

Students dealing with the feelings of missing loved ones serving in the military can now find comfort in Ferris’ new Military Support Group.

With their first meeting held on March 1, Ferris’ Military Support Group is composed of students dedicated to providing relief to those with family and friends in the armed forces.

President of the Military Support Group Chelsea Halling said the idea to create the RSO came from having friends who had relationships with people serving in the military. Halling currently has a fiancé in the armed forces and said she knows the feeling of having a loved one deployed.

“It makes it so much easier to have someone to talk to and get advice and encouragement and to show that it is possible to get through it in one piece,” said Halling.

Sharing personal stories and touching experiences with one another, Ferris’ Military Support Group is an RSO providing students counseling for issues concerning loved ones in the armed forces.

Health care systems administration senior Trisha Aniol said the new RSO will be very beneficial for students with family and friends serving in the military. With a boyfriend currently serving as an officer in the Marine Corps., Aniol said it is difficult to find people capable of relating to having someone close to them serve in the armed forces.

“The only people that truly know how you feel are other military families,” said Aniol.

Member Linzy Flier-Zylstra has had prior involvement with military support groups and said she knows they can be very helpful. She said Ferris’ Military Support Group gives her the opportunity to help students deal with the feelings associated with military deployment.

“After my high school graduation, when many of my friends left for boot camp, life got a little lonely,” said Flier-Zylstra. “I think a group like this will help anyone who finds themselves feeling the same way.”

Currently, Ferris’ Military Support Group is planning to send care packages to loved ones actively serving in the military. Along with planning future fundraisers and social events, Flier-Zylstra said the RSO will be an environment of students passionate about supporting one another.

“I have a number of friends and family members in the military that I miss dearly,” said Flier-Zylstra. “It just makes sense to be there for those who are in situations like my own.”

Meetings for the Military Support Group are held Mondays at 8 p.m. in Flite 304. For information on joining Ferris’ Military Support Group, contact advisor Thomas Larabel at ext. 3065. n