Fact or fiction

Party hosts and party goers may both be at fault in drinking violations, regardless of signs, warnings

With students at Ferris getting minor in possession (MIP) tickets, many believe posting signs stating “You must be 21 to drink” can prevent their parties from being busted.

While apartments such as Venlo Place and Creek’s Edge are regular weekend hangouts, occasionally they have also become hotspots for police busting underage drinkers. According to DPS officials, there were 66 liquor violations reported in 2008. By 2009, violations had been reduced to 50.

With a reduction in reported liquor violations, some students believe these sign postings have been able to keep police off their doorsteps. Parties with these postings are also becoming popular with many underage students feeling these signs might reduce the chances of unwanted DPS attention.

With so many Ferris students believing this idea, and others regarding it as a coincidence, Department of Public Safety Assistant Director James Cook decided to clear up the mystery regarding its truth.

Cook said students interested in hosting parties should know that posting signs stating a required drinking age will not prevent the party from being busted. Cook said this is because posting a sign simply stating “You must be 21 to drink” will not prohibit the possibility of underage drinking at parties.

“It’s the landowner’s responsibility to prevent underage drinking,” said Cook. “If we find students drinking underage, we’re going to issue MIPs.”

Business management senior Jordan Cyr agrees Ferris students who host house parties need to be held accountable for guests who attend. He feels the lack of concern regarding the guests’ ages is a reason many of these parties get busted.

“The people who are old enough to drink are not taking responsibility for who they let into their parties,” said Cyr. “Freshmen especially sometimes feel the need to fit in or belong and think alcohol is the way to do that.”

Cook ultimately advises students who host parties on campus not to condone their underage guests partaking in drinking. Ferris students hoping to throw an MIP-free party might want to consider checking IDs next time. n