A fond farewell

In fall of 2007 I started as a news reporter here at the Torch.

It was, to say the least, a job position very uncharacteristic of my personal inclination toward being generally introverted in my disposition. It was, however, a job that fueled my interest in writing.

My time here at the Torch has afforded me many advantages and unique opportunities, not the least important of which are some life lessons that I would like to share in this, my farewell, article.

1. People are genuinely kinder and more receptive than expected.

During the first few months of reporting, I found it nerve wracking to walk up to complete strangers and ask them questions about events on campus. I found the overwhelming majority of people to be good-natured and more than willing to have a chat about whatever it is they are involved in.

2. Most people probably underestimate what they can “handle.”

At one point, I was involved with a multitude of activities, including working at the Torch, being a structured learning assistance (SLA) facilitator, having an off-campus job, and taking 18 credits-worth of courses simultaneously. It was rigorous, but not impossible. Though I speak only on the authority of my own personal experience, I would guess that most people would be surprised by how much they can actually successfully manage to do.

3. Getting involved in the Ferris community is one of the most rewarding things a student can do.

Signing up for a reporting position forced me to be more personable, sociable, and extroverted. It allowed me to appreciate all that goes on at Ferris and get involved in campus events and to interact with my fellow students. I would encourage anyone who finds themselves hulled up in their dorm room with nothing to do to find an RSO or event on campus that is parallel to their interests and get involved.

I have enjoyed my time here at the Torch tremendously and would like to thank the readership for allowing me the opportunity to serve as a student representative and report on students interests during my time here. I would also like to thank Torch readers for their interest, feedback, and attention to both the Opinions section of the Torch for which I am the editor, and to the paper at large. n