A snapshot in time

Photographers will unite to capture the world at one moment

On Sunday, May 2, people around the world will be simultaneously flashing their cameras to capture a single moment in life on our planet.

The event “Moment in Time” is being coordinated by Lens, the photojournalism blog of the New York Times. Thousands of people are expected to be participating in this event around the world.

The moment to be captured is set at 15:00 hours in Coordinated Universal Time. In the U.S., the time coordinates with different time zones, but the moment students and people in Big Rapids need to be ready to snap their photographs at is 11 a.m.

Lens suggests capturing a moment that truly represents who you are. They suggest taking a photo of something such as family, friends, arts, the economy, love, religion, the environment, work, or social issues. They also recommend advanced planning.

Ferris students had varied answers when they were asked what they would be doing on May 2 at 11 a.m. A small snapshot of Ferris life reveals a diverse campus, but one that’s also focused on its grades.

“I’m going to be in church,” said Steve Wetter, sophomore in the pre-pharmacy program. “I might try to get a photo of that moment.”

James Schwede, freshman in the plastics program, said, “I’ll have just woken up from an epic dream and then I’ll be playing my guitar all day.”

“I’ll be driving home to the Upper Peninsula on May 2,” said Renee Urbanc, sophomore in the music industry management program.

“I’ll be studying for finals at that moment,” said Megan McConnell, senior in the chemistry program.

Freshman in the music industry management program Amanda Krebs will also be studying for her finals that will be coming up that week.

Amanda Woods, freshman in the English program, and Gabe Laney, senior in the nursing program, will be hitting the books for their finals that day as well.

“If I’m up at that moment, I will just be enjoying my place on Earth and looking forward to seeing what everyone else on Earth is doing,” said Manpreet Singh, senior in the marketing program. “It will be interesting to see how each culture differs and what day to day life is like on the globe at different places.”

Each participant is asked to submit one photo that best represents them to the live application on lens.blogs.nytimes.com. Photo submissions can be made from 11 a.m. on May 2 until 11 a.m. on May 7 to submit your moment. Until then, you can follow the project on Facebook and Twitter. n