Ferris Fest rocks FSU

The adverse weather did not affect the turnout of the concert event

Dance, Dance: Ferris students and Big Rapids community members enjoy a full day of music and activities on Saturday at the annual Ferris Fest event put on by Entertainment Unlimited. Photo By: Kristyn Sonnenberg | Photo Editor
Ferris Fest performers enjoyed their opportunity to play at Ferris State University this past Saturday.

A crowd covered the quad on Saturday as various musical acts performed throughout the day. Students and community members enjoyed free food, free tattoos and activities, a dunk tank, and the chance to meet some of the acts and get their autograph.

Chuck Wicks, country performer at Ferris Fest, said, “It was awesome playing at Ferris. I was concerned about the rain at first and thought I might only be playing to a crowd of three people, but I ended up playing to a bigger crowd than I expected.”

Wicks went on to say, “It was a great experience performing at Ferris and I want to come back.”

Mike Posner, rap and hip hop performer at Ferris Fest, was very excited he was able to meet with students after his performance and he gave out hugs to everyone. He said overall, performing here was a lot of fun.

Despite the questionable weather, Ferris Fest 2010 seems to have been well received by Ferris students and the community.

A Whisper & A Clamor: Ferris Fest headliner Anberlin brings some alternative rock to the mix on Saturday evening. The band stayed to talk to fans and sign autographs after its performance. Photo By: Kristyn Sonnenberg | Photo Editor
Home Grown: The Meatt performs on Second Stage, the stage put on by the Music Industry Management Association for bands made up of Ferris State University students to show what they’ve got. The Meatt performed a number of crowd favorite cover songs as well as an original tune. Photo By: Kristyn Sonnenberg | Photo Editor