Party hardy

Sorority hosts event to teach students how to party safely

The Delta Zeta sorority will host the 10th annual The Perfect Party event on April 27 to educate students on the dangers of alcohol and how to party safely.

The free event, planned by Delta Zeta member and FSU advertising major Susan Varner, will be an alcohol-free party with food, beverages, and prizes to be won. The Perfect Party will also have a pin the tail on the donkey competition in which participants will wear beer goggles provided by the Ferris Department of Safety (DPS).

The Perfect Party aims at showing students they can have fun at parties without having alcohol involved.

“So many students are caught up in partying these days that we want them to take a day off and have fun without alcohol,” said Varner. “There are many things people can do to have fun without drinking and to be able to educate them about it is exciting.”

The first The Perfect Party event in 2000 had a rocky beginning; now, however, the sorority continues putting on the event because they have fun doing it.

“We were actually required to do this event in 2000 as punishment; however, we have continued to do it ever since simply because we enjoy it,” said Varner. “It’s one of Delta Zeta’s biggest events of the year and we look forward to it.”

Ideas of the ideal party vary from student to student. Many students agree that an alcohol-free party can still be a blast if it has the right components.

Kate Post, freshman in the architectural technology program, and Heidi Kaltenthaler, freshman in the pre-nursing program, agree that there are four vital things needed to make a great party.

“The perfect party definitely has to have good music, snacks, and refreshments,” said Kaltenthaler.

“And members of the opposite sex,” added Post.

Cody VanNorman, sophomore in the pre-pharmacy program, said, “My perfect party would include good music to dance to and girls.”

The Perfect Party will take place on April 27 from 7 to 10 p.m. at the Pi Kappa Alpha house, located at 607 S. Michigan Avenue. For more information,contact Susan Varner at n