The best is yet to come

My undergraduate career at Ferris has been many things.

I’ve enjoyed my time and had difficult situations to deal with. I’ve learned and grown, stumbled and righted myself. It has been a process of ongoing improvement.

My experience has been unique from yours; everyone’s time here is different.

But there are a few simple ideas that I have tried to embrace and are hopefully common among other students and even faculty and staff.

Start early. It’s never too late, but just get going soon.

A great night is worth a less-than-great morning.

Have fun. We all have different ideas of what “fun” is, but whatever it means for you, have it… a lot!

Have ideas. Good or bad, ideas are how things start.

Be grateful. Thank you still means something.

I’m grateful for those involved in my tenure here at Ferris. I can think of few other places I could have been and seen, felt, experienced or learned as I did here.

Most importantly of all, look forward.

The best is yet to come.