Work for the Torch

The Torch offers quality work experience to all majors

Working for the Ferris State Torch looks very good on a résumé and you do not even have to be a journalism major.

I am an accounting major who enjoys watching sports and thought it would be cool to write about athletic events. I inquired about a position at the Torch and became a sports writer.

In my experience with the Torch I have learned how to better communicate with people. As a journalist, one of the most important skills you use is communication. Staff members communicate with other staff members, editors communicate with writers and writers communicate with sources on a daily basis. These skills are vital for being successful in the workplace after graduation.

Here are just a few of the benefits of working at the Torch:


Education is very important, but employers look to see what other activities candidates have been involved in. Working at the Torch offers the experience of working with other people every day and being part of a team. There is no better way to show an employer that you have communication skills than by telling them you worked for a newspaper.


Who doesn’t love a paycheck? The Torch offers paid positions from writers to office staff to advertisement salespeople. Some positions pay by the hour and some are based on commission, but at the end of the day, everyone gets paid.


I have been working at the Torch for over a year now and have made many new friends. Everyone gets along very well and you immediately have something in common with the other staff members. The employees at the newspaper can become a good support system as well. You may even have classes together and can study with one another.


How many jobs can you think of where you get to go to concerts and sporting events for free? Working for the newspaper allows students the opportunity to cover events on campus with no charge. The office always has music playing in the background and people laughing and carrying on in a laid back atmosphere.

If you would like more information about a position or would like to fill out an application, stop by the Torch office in Rankin 140. You can also contact us at if you have any questions.