Avoiding the freshman fifteen

Many first-year students are finding it difficult to lose those extra pounds

With all the heavy studying and quick meals, a number of first-year students fall victim to the freshman fifteen.

The freshman fifteen is a term used to describe the increased weight first-year students often gain once coming to college.An issue plaguing various college campuses, the freshman fifteen has many students afraid to step foot on their bathroom scales. However, there are some ways to avoid gaining a few extra pounds that first year of college.

Avoid eating a lot of fast foods your freshman year. The convenience of a quick meal might sound tempting, but it often leads to unwanted pounds. The high levels of caloric values found in fast foods play a significant role in weight gain.

Though the dining halls offer all-you-can eat options, consider eating smaller portions and healthier meal choices. Dining halls such as the Rock Café even offer students vegetarian meal options.

Start an exercise routine. Ferris’ Recreational Center allows students to burn those extra pounds with a weight room, four basketball/volleyball courts, and an elevated track and fitness center. Also, located on Northland Drive, Ferris’ Racquet and Fitness Center provides tennis, racquetball and a fitness room.

Make the decision to walk to class. This is an excellent way to both burn calories and also learn the surrounding campus. On those days when the weather feels warmer, plug in your iPod and enjoy a walk through the quad. A study performed by the Mayo Clinic said walking helps to lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, manage weight and improve your mood. The study also said that a brisk thirty-minute walk can lower high cholesterol.

Following these tips can help you avoid finding those extra fifteen pounds knocking at your door freshman year.