Making the transition

As I finish my junior year of college and get ready to enter my final year of school, I enter a phase of uncertainty and nervous excitement as my time at Ferris ticks away.

For many past and current students, nearing the end of college can bring on a quarter-life crisis, as I have experienced lately.With resumes and internships taking the place of homework and weekend plans, the end of a college career brings a time of reflection to some students, including myself.

While sitting at my desk one day, I started thinking about how I’ve gotten to where I am, only to send myself into a panic attack as I thought about the uncertainty of the future. I started thinking about how I needed to secure an internship, how I will need a new car, and how I will need to get a job to pay off my student loans.

But as I took a second to relax, I remembered that I am not alone as many students are in the same boat as they deal with the transition from college student to professional. Whether it’s noticing that you need to increase your business attire by 100 percent or realizing you have to change your not-safe- for-work voicemail greeting, moving into the role of business professional can be difficult. However, it is a necessary step in a college student’s life.

Though the transition may bring panic to some, I’m happy to fully embrace the jump from student to professional. I yearn for the day where dinner is more than a package of ramen noodles and a day-old piece of dry pizza. I look forward to getting the call for my first real job and having to shave on a daily basis.

So as many of us at Ferris start heading toward the end of our college years, it’s important to remember that while one phase of life is drawing to an end, the next one will be just as fun of a ride. Just make sure that the photos from the ride you place on Facebook are work-appropriate, though.