Will work for summer

The end of the school year often means more students looking for summer jobs

For many students at Ferris State University, finding a summer job can become one of the toughest tasks to accomplish.

As tuition and other college expenses build throughout the academic school year, finding a way to pay them off begins to become a necessity. Often a good way to keep these expenses from building is to find a summer job.One of the best ways to find work over the summer is to search for jobs that tend to be warm weather related. For instance, places such as beaches, ice cream shops and golf courses are usually searching for seasonal workers. These jobs are often less stressful and can give you the opportunity to have fun while you work.

Ask people you know what jobs might be hiring in the summer. This can give you an inside advantage over the other stack of applications sitting on the manager’s desk. An employer may be more willing to hire someone who has a good reputation with current employees. Making the decision to network can also give you a chance to explore job opportunities in fields previously unknown. Sometimes who you know can be more important than what you know.

One of the most important tools a college student can have is a résumé. Too often students feel that starting a résumé earlier than their senior year is unnecessary. However, starting a résumé early allows you to keep track of your past employers and gain career-building experience.

Make sure to start your job search early. Summer jobs tend to be in high demand once the weather gets warmer. Timing can be the difference between getting a call back and an employer passing on your application.

Lastly, always keep having fun in mind. Summer jobs are only seasonal and students often forget to enjoy them. Besides making money, the summer is also a time for students to unwind. Remember, after tanning and ultimate frisbee it’s back to textbooks and lesson plans. So make sure you have a camera full of memories.